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Go to Google and search for: FlasherShop 2.0. FlasherShop is the FREE editor to make Flash animations. Set the background color and picture as background, with various effects as the playing background music. For a good picture effect, we think it should be a picture you have prepared. Set the text effect by ready to use characters. You can adjust the font size by drag and drop. After you finished setting, click the "Show Preview" to check the output effect. For the best editing effect, it is recommended to edit the animations in the editor and save to a new movie file at once. For example, FlasherShop.html is a sample html file. Click the image button to create new movie file. Click the "HTML" button to import flash. The zip package includes: FlasherShopv2.0.0.exe FlasherShopv2.0.0.htm FlasherShopv2.0.0.html FlasherShopv2.0.0.swf FlasherShopv2.0.0.txt FlasherShopv2.0.0.wav FlasherShopv2.0.0.jpg Installation: 1. install Flash 2. Install FlasherShop 3. Choose a ready design and layout or import your own images, music and flash to make a new movie or screen saver. 4. Click the "HTML" button and import your flash movie to make the background, add the text effects by dragging and drop the character pieces, adjust the font size, music by drag and drop the sound clip. 5. When you finished editing, save the movie file and set the output format (Flash, HTML or Screen saver). FlasherShop is the best alternative Flash software for creating Flash animations quickly.Q: compact subsets of $\mathbb{R}$ Let $K\subset\mathbb{R}$ a compact set. It is well-know that $\overline K$ is compact, so it is closed. Suppose $\overline K$ isn't compact, and I'm going to show that this leads to a contradiction. I think that I must use the Separation Axiom, however I don't know how it is possible to say that for all $A\subset\overline K$ it's true that $U_A\subset \overline K a5204a7ec7

========== FlasherShop is the easiest tool to create flash movies in minutes, with its user interface that simply matches the look and feel of Adobe Flash. You can create flash files by drag and drop or by typing. You can create animations including movies, flash players, and picture galleries. You can preview your flash animation in the program without launching a web browser or external player. It is possible to export the flash file, convert the flash file into an executable file, and convert the executable file into a flash movie file. By setting parameters before generating a flash file, FlasherShop can perform a variety of actions. With the help of FlasherShop you can generate animation files for videos and audio, picture gallery, flash players, flash movie, and custom flash animation. With the help of FlasherShop, you can apply a title, change or set a picture, add an effect such as a flare, bevel, blur, glow, fade, or warp image. You can also adjust the background color or picture and set or choose a background sound. FlasherShop supports double-byte character sets for East Asian languages. You can also view the textual file in a variety of languages. You can also export and save files in a variety of formats. Program Features: ============== ■ Real-Time Previewer ■ Supports double-byte character sets ■ Supports various multimedia files (SWF, H.264, GIF, etc.) ■ Option to change background color, background picture and background sound ■ Export SWF, convert SWF to EXE ■ Convert EXE to SWF, convert Flash file to EXE, convert Flash movie to EXE ■ Convert Flash to Screen Saver ■ Set as Screen Saver, convert flash as Screen Saver ■ Quick wizard to start in 1 minute ■ All your creations are saved in the same folder ■ Can generate flash movie files such as flash player, flash movie ■ Supports Animation with text ■ Supports Background Sound ■ Supports Background Picture ■ Supports Text Effect ■ Supports Text Animation ■ Supports Flash Player ■ You can preview each animation on the same program ■ Supports adding image file ■ Supports adding audio file ■ Supports adding Flashed Audio ■ Supports adding SWF file


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