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For more information please visit Or, put the printable to your e-mail :  One-to-many association with a foreign key in the other table I have three tables, A, B and C. A and C are related through a one-to-many association, but in order to do this, A needs a foreign key in C. I'm using code first approach to generate my entities from the database and my model is the following: public class A { [Key] public int Id { get; set; } [Required] public string Name { get; set; } public virtual List Children { get; set; } } public class B public virtual List Parents { get; set; } public class C public int AId { get; set; } public virtual A A { get; set; } public virtual B B { get; set; } As you can see, in order to have the relationship between A and C, I need a foreign key in C with the value of AId. As you can imagine, when I add the following to the DB: INSERT INTO B (Id, Name, AId) VALUES (1, "BName", 1); INSERT INTO C (AId, BId) VALUES (1, 1); My generated entities look like this: public partial class A public virtual ICollection Children { get; set; } }



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Anbulla Manna Pokkisham Ringtone Download saivall

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